New Standard: A Technological Evaluation of Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers

99 views 10:30 AM 0 Comments 2023-12-22

New Standard, an acclaimed force in the ever-rising cannabis industry, infuses quality and integrity with modern technology to create a unique value proposition. We stay at the top of our game by using advanced technology in our various operations, most notably our Cannabis Provisioning Centers.

Tech-Driven Inventory Management

At New Standard, we acknowledge that proper inventory management is crucial for the success and efficiency of our Cannabis Provisioning Centers. Our centers use state-of-the-art inventory management software that not only tracks stock levels efficiently but also ensures accuracy. This technology dramatically reduces chances of error that could affect business operations and, in turn, our customers.

Seamlessness through Automation

By implementing automation in our centers, we’ve managed to streamline operations and reduce the chances of inconsistency. Automated systems play an integral part in areas that require precision like controlling environmental factors, irrigation, and even harvesting. These technological advancements have also improved efficiency, saving vital resources such as time and energy.

Quality Assurance Through Technology

Uncompromised quality is pivotal in the cannabis industry as it directly affects a consumer’s experience. At New Standard, we employ sophisticated quality-check technology that accurately analyses product quality, ensuring nothing but the best reaches our customers. Implementing this technology also ensures that all our products are compliance-tested, thus ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Data Management and Customer Experience

In the digital era, data is a valuable commodity, and properly managing it can lead to a better understanding of consumer trends and behaviors. We harness the power of data analytics to drive sales, forecast trends, and enhance customer experiences. Our unique customer profile system helps in maintaining individualized purchase records, making the purchase process smoother and more personalized for our esteemed clients.