A New Leaf Turned at “New Standard Hazel Park”

68 views 2:56 PM 0 Comments 2023-10-02

Ever been in Hazel Park, MI and thought, “Where can I get quality, legal cannabis?” Well, say no more, because ‘New Standard Hazel Park’ is here to bring zest into your life.

In the tranquil city of Hazel, this dispensary dispenses more than just great products; there’s a rich herb of humor in the air. Imagine walking in to find Bob Marley tunes wafting over the counter and a staff member asking, “Do you prefer sativa or indica for your giggle fits?”

Wait, it gets better. We believe in ‘canna-conversation’. So don’t be surprised if a chilled staff member at New Standard Hazel Park is dishing out ‘high-ly’ hilarious jokes along with your choice of leafy greens!

In the heart of Hazel Park, this dispensary is like a breezy park for adults who love a good laugh and lifestyle elevation. ‘New Standard has the perfect formula to make your visit a ‘budding’ success.

So, remember, the next time life gets you down, come lighten up at New Standard’s Hazel Park dispensary.